Grumpy Dog Finally Got A Home, And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Adopting an animal is a big deal, and for some animals it can take a lot longer than others. Especially if there’s something about them that doesn’t stand out as ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’. There are so many animals in need of good loving homes, and sometimes it takes someone special pointing out what makes those animals so perfect before they end up with their furever home. That’s exactly what happened to Sheldon, or as he’s otherwise known, Grumpy Dog. Sheldon wanted a home so badly, and when a photographer came to the shelter to take pictures of the animals, he immediately jumped up and stood out. Thing that stood out about him though wasn’t his energy, but rather his interesting downturned face. He could definitely put Grumpy Cat to shame. Take a look!

As soon as Sheldon’s dapper photos hit the shelter site, he was swooped up by his new forever home. Sometimes it just takes someone pointing out how we’re special before the world sees it.

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