Toddler Has An Emotional Reaction To Hearing Moonlight Sonata On The Piano

I’ve heard that music is a universal language my entire life. I believe that, too. When I was a little little girl I loved playing on the piano, and would often learn to play songs by ear. One of the first big ones I learned was Bethoven’s Fur Elise. Sure, I couldn’t play it note by note exactly as it would have sounded on the music, but something about that song spoke to me, even as a young child, and I had to feel it in my fingers. I think this little boy feels the same way. While sitting at his sister’s piano recital he hears the song Moonlight Sonata and has an emotional reaction to it. It’s raw and beautiful to watch and makes me think this little one might be a musician at heart. Take a look!

His reaction is breathtaking. In an audience of adults who all look like they’d rather be anywhere else, this little boy reminds me of what the music is about. The emotion. Feeling it in our souls. What an incredible gift to feel so deeply at such a young age!

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