Because There Is No Such Thing As Privacy When You Have Kids…

If you are the parent of a little, you never have to worry about being alone. Like, not ever. We all joke about wanting a moment to ourselves, but the truth is until that child starts school…if they aren’t homeschooled…there is never going to be a time where you can sit and just be you. It’s okay. Kids are amazing and we love them, but it definitely makes me giggle when I see another parent being invaded the way I’m always invaded. Take this little girl. She is as sweet as can be, cute as a button, and oh so obedient, but when her mama asks her to leave the room so she can finish going to the bathroom, well, this little girl just wants to make sure mama knows she understands. Take a look!

Parenting means never a moment of peace, but it also means a wealth of time spent making memories that are going to be hard to explain to anyone who wasn’t there. I’m so glad this mama, at least, caught her memories on video. She definitely made my day.

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