Kristen Bell used to love her house. She has a husband she adores, two amazing little children, and her house was comfortable and perfect for her family. Then…she visited Ellen’s house. Apparently Ellen has an amazing house and all the sudden Kristen looked around her house and saw the flaws she never saw before. Namely: the recliner sitting smack dab in the middle of her living room. Before she saw Ellen’s house, she could have gotten past the recliner. Waited out her husband and moved it someday while he was unaware. But now? Now it’s the thorn in her side that ruined everything. Good thing Ellen knew just how to take Kristen’s mind off that recliner…bring up her celebrity crush. Take a look!

Until the recliner incident one of my big celebrity crushes was Kristen’s husband, Dax Shepard. Now I don’t think I could live with him. At least not with that recliner. And with Kristen eyeballing another man, looks to me like Dax better shape up, ship the chair out, and make nice with his wife or he and that chair might find themselves on the curb.

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