What It Feels Like When You’re The New Person In A Group

When I was a kid we moved a lot. Like a lot a lot. My dad was a contractor, which meant when his contract was over with one company, he’d move onto the next. For me that meant a lot of schools. You’d think that stinks, but I always saw it as a chance to reinvent myself. Like, at one school I’d be all into makeup, at another I’d be a nature girl, or whatever. Moving around gave me a chance to explore who I was without being locked into the same group of people shunning me when whatever my new ‘personality’ was didn’t work. What I didn’t like? This. Every time you go to a new place, be it a new school, new mommy group, new job, whatever, suddenly THIS happens and it’s always super awkward. Take a look!

Also, I want to say I don’t know where the kids who are in this video are today, but I’d understand completely if they needed therapy. What in the world was happening here? Too funny. But who am I to judge…I once told the kids at a new school that we were in witness protection and that my name wasn’t my name…thankfully, we moved pretty quickly after that.

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