Turns out, siblings are siblings no matter what the species. They’re going to rough house, they’ll cuddle, and when push comes to shove, someone is always going to end up getting shoved. We’ve seen it over and over again. One cat pushing the other down the stairs. A lizard taking the last cricket moments before his brother can munch. Or, in this case, one dog quite literally snitching on the other when asked who caused a mess. When this woman comes home to see the French Bulldog surrounded by chewed up toilet paper, she asks, “Who did this?” The bulldog stays mum, but when she turns to the mastiff and asks, well, let’s just say if someone’s going down, it’s not going to be him. Take a look! Every parent who has more than child has been in this spot before. Yes, you kinda know who did it, but you want the guilty party to speak up. That never happens. It’s always the other child. This dog knows he didn’t do it, and he is NOT going down for what took place. Too funny!

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