Epic Parody Shows How Moms Would Have Reacted To Interview Interruptions…

At this point we’ve all seen the hysterical comedy of errors that was the BBC interview with a college professor whose entire family accidentally crashed the report, but, what if he had been a she? I didn’t think it could get funnier than the original interview, but watching this woman deal with the same kinds of interruptions and how she would react differently definitely made me laugh out loud, like, a lot. For one thing, women get interrupted all the time. We’re used to it. We kinda just go with the flow and keep on trucking. And that’s exactly what she does. Take a look!

Keep in mind, I’m not bashing dad. Dad did his best when everything went sideways, but that was part of what made things so funny. He tried so hard to keep a straight face, pretend like everything was fine…mom came sliding through the door and rescued him from his children. But mom’s? Yeah, we’d have kept going. No rescue needed. This definitely made me smile and made me appreciate my fellow moms even more. You rock, ladies!

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