I grew up surrounded by big dogs. My parents had a Newfoundland show dog named PC and when he wasn’t winning blue ribbons, he spent his spare time hamming it up around our house. Soon, they adopted another ‘Newfie’, and years later a Great Pyrenees and Mastiff. I don’t know what my life would be like if I hadn’t grown up with gentle giants. I think that’s why I relate to Sally Rewehooeern, the woman in this story. At 92, she’s been a widow for 27 years and kept mostly to herself. She grew up on a farm with St Bernard’s and when her neighbors adopted a fluffy new puppy, Sally found an instant friend. Take a look! No one expected that the 92-year-old woman next door would fall so in love with this pup, or that he would love her just as much, but the two are now inseparable. They’ve become the kind of friends each other needed and after 27 years, Sally is no longer alone.

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