When looking for things to do when stuck at home, I came across this video that left me completely speechless! I couldn’t believe it.

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Scuba diver petting friendly shark

Seven years ago Rick Anderson happened upon a female shark pup, only six-inches-long, while out for a dive. He approached the pup slowly so as not to scare her off and gave her a few gentle pets. What started out as a cool story to tell his friends soon turned into a seven year love affair between man and shark. Working as a dive instructor, one of Rick’s favorite things to do is show his students his favorite shark. She just comes up to him. Loves to be petted, handled. He doesn’t feed her, doesn’t try to give her any incentive other than his affection, and she laps it up. Take a look!

Everyone who spends time in and around marine animals has their own ‘fish tales’ to tell, but Rick’s might be the biggest and the best. I don’t know if he’s ever thought to name his shark pal, but I’d go for ‘Fluffy’ myself. What a cutie pie…you know…if you can get past those rows of giant teeth.

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