As parents, we try everything we can to make dinner time a happy time for kids. It takes so many of them so long before they even like most foods, or slow down long enough to eat, so we have to do whatever we can to get those little cuties to want to eat. So we hide vegetables. Or come up with muffins that somehow contain all four food groups. Or we make their food colorful and decorative. This mommy had the right idea on the decorative part, but unfortunately her son just can’t bring himself to destroying her artwork. Take a look! His dinner might be too cute to eat, but his response is too cute for words. I imagine this little guy would frame this if he could. On one hand this is a total mommy win: a dinner her son absolutely loves. Unfortunately, he loves it so much he can’t bare to eat it. That’s fine…I’m sure he’ll eat next year.

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