Man Throws Eggs At Unsuspecting Mom Every Single Day For Over A Year

Carol Keith has a pretty good sense of humor about the prank her son Jamie pulled on her…for over a year…but she says she did get annoyed with it after a while. When Carol was growing up, she and a houseful of brothers would toss things back and forth to each other whenever they needed them. So if someone was drying dishes, they’d toss it to the person nearest the cupboard and that person would put it away. These antics carried on into Carol’s own household and growing up whenever Jamie was near the refrigerator, she’d ask him to ‘toss’ her whatever she needed. Well, Jamie realized what a good catch his mom was and decided to have a little fun with her. Take a look!

For a little over a year Jamie tossed eggs at his mom whenever she wasn’t looking. And surprisingly, she caught them. Most of them. I’m not sure if Carol still asks Jamie to throw things to her out of the fridge, though I’m guessing after a year of catching eggs she’s probably happy to gather what she needs on her own – no tossing necessary.

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