Kitten Does A Cartoon Swan Dive Into A Bag

If you’re like me, you watched a lot of Bugs Bunny when you were a kid. Not only was it part of the Saturday Morning cartoon line up, it also had the hallmark of being on in the afternoons after we got off school. I have no idea how Bugs pulled that off, but you totally know he was behind it. Between the classical music that totally fit the scored dramatics, and the one-liners that I’m only now understanding as an adult (btw – they were totally dirty), it was the best of the best and I’m not sure any other cartoons will ever compare to what WB brought us. But this kitten? This kitten gets that level of comic gold and intrigue. When his toy is thrown into a wine bag, the kitten has a choice: tip over the bag with his paw, or dive in ALA Bugs Bunny. Check it out.

If Bugs were still around (and not retired to Albuquerque, I presume), he’d have a totally appreciation for this cat. This is something right out of that Saturday morning line-up and it definitely deserves a, That’s All, Folks!

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