A Possum And Her Babies Moved Into This Woman’s Closet!

I’m not a fan of possums. it isn’t that they aren’t cute, they’re totally cute…but they hiss. They hiss like they’re coming after you with a vengeance, and I’m just not a fan of that. I get why they hiss. Possums are mostly harmless. They’re just quite little creatures who mostly want to be left alone, and sometimes enjoy eating your outdoor cat food. So when we mess with them, their only defense is that hiss. It’s a good defense. It’s terrifying. So when Tara McVicar found a possum living in a bag in her closet, she reacted the exact way I would: a few screams, some expletives, and a lot of jumping back. Take a look!

Good news is Tara (also like me) is an animal lover at heart. So even with that awful hiss, she knew this little mama really wasn’t going to do anything to her. Because of that, she took her time figuring out how to get mama and the babies out of the closet and back into the wild…where they belong.

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