Little Kid Stands Up To Big Bully, Wins Everyone’s Hearts

My dad always taught me that if I see someone being picked on, I should stand up for them. I’ve taught my kids the same, and though I haven’t seen it in action yet, I’m sure if ever they see someone being mistreated, they’ll step in. They’re just great kids like that. This kid, though. This one has learned that lesson early in life and goes above and beyond standing up for a girl whom he feels is being mistreated. During a martial arts class (maybe a tournament?) an instructor was working with a little girl who just wasn’t quite cutting it and apparently this little guy saw what was happening. Being the person he is, well, I won’t spoil it. Take a look!

Seriously, how awesome is that kid? And the way he stalks off after he’s done? That kid is gonna grow up to be a superhero, I can feel it in my bones. For now I think we should just call him The Karate Kid.

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