Determined Elephant Lifts Barrier To Cross Train Tracks

Determination can take you far in life, but sometimes you need good old fashioned brute strength. This elephant has a bit of both. On his way to an elephant party, or wherever it is elephants go when they’re in a hurry, this guy ran across some train tracks and the barriers were down. Now, while lesser men and certainly lesser elephants would have been deterred by the downed barriers, this guy had places to go and people, er, elephants to see. After all, you don’t want to be the last elephant to an elephant party! All the good pizza is gone by then. So this guy does what he has to in order to get where he needs to be. Take a look!

Now, I can’t really tell if he looked both ways before crossing those tracks, but I’m guessing he must have because he looked pretty determined to cross. And who in their right mind would cross with trains coming? I’m fairly certain he made it to the party on time, and I’m guessing he was the beau of the ball.

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