Life is simple, yet we make it harder than it has to be. Running in the woods this morning got my brain fired up again. When you're running over roots and rocks you have to keep your eyes wide open. It's important, so that you don't stumble and fall. Then again, what if you do? In my own life I ™ve learned that it's important to free fall, too, to run wild like you used to when you were a child without a care in the world. Too often we are intent on maintaining control, on being in control of all things “ only to miss out on the greatest gifts. What gifts (people, places, or things) have you unknowingly rejected in your life? Maybe it's just that you ™ve not made space or time. Maybe it's because you ™ve allowed too much drama, thought, or over-analyzation in. Do you think Jesus, (and other great leaders) over analyzed, or was He a man of action? At times a fixation on how things should be “ in a perfect world- can prevent the fullest joy God offers. A friend said recently that sometimes a dead end leads to an open door. We had driven down a dirt road that day to stumble upon a stranger, who we chatted up for awhile. A delightful detour, that would have been missed if fear or hesitation had intervened. Today I ™m open to detours. Lately I ™ve been taking a break from the illusion of control and understanding “ just to be. I ™ll listen more, think less. He is with you always. In that, there is joy and an ability to live life full on!

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