Dog Meets Her Mom Again For The First Time Since Puppyhood

All my life we’ve had dogs. Ever since I was a little girl, my family has always had at least one (or three or four) dogs roaming around the house, the fields, just being dogs and living the life. Most of them were adopted from shelters, or found on the road somewhere, but a few were adopted from trainers. All of them were sweet, no matter where they came from. Thing is, it never occurred to me that the puppies we adopted from trainers might actually remember any of their litters, or even their mom. They all seemed to settle in really happily and quickly and become a part of the family. After watching this video, I’m a little sad…and wondering if they might have been missing their families all along. Take a look!

I don’t know if dogs ever forget where they come from. I don’t know if they remember their moms or the other puppies in their litter. What I do know is that once they become part of our family, they’re family for life. And I suppose that has to be enough. I know I’d never want to live a life without a dog, so more than anything I hope their lives with us have been happy. And, just maybe, a little memorable.

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