Dog Loves To Sing Along To One Certain Song During Road Trip

My dogs love car rides. All I have to do is grab my keys and they’re ready to hit the road. Which is awesome, except that they aren’t always going with me. It’s okay, I give them treats for lining up by the door and go on to the store or bank or wherever. When we DO take road trips, we have a blast. They stick their heads out the window and their little lips and tongues flap in the wind. It’s one of my favorite things about taking them out. After watching this video, though, I kinda wish they did more. This dog and her owner are on a road trip to somewhere and one of the best road trip songs ever comes on. One of those songs you are required by law to sing along with. And the pooch? Well, the pooch is happy to oblige. Take a look!

I don’t know if this pupper has been singing her whole life or if this is a new thing, but it’s truly adorable. And I’m a bit jealous. I really kinda wish my dogs would sing along with me, too. Then again, it’s hard to sing along when your lips and tongues are flapping in the wind…

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