Man Releases Fish, But It Keeps Coming Back To Be Petted

There are a lot of things that happen in nature that can’t be explained. And we have to wonder if we’d want an explanation? Knowing that there are big mysteries out there is part of what makes life so exciting and lovely. And yes, there are a lot of things that science has nailed down and made us understand, but there is still mystery, and it is beautiful. This man is outside enjoying some time in a river and he catches a fish. When he puts the fish back in the water, to release it, for inexplicable reasons the fish keeps coming back to be petted by him. Take a look!

Sure, we can speculate. Maybe the fish thought the man had food. Maybe it has been handled before. We can speculate all day, but do we want to? Not knowing is so fun. Like, just watching this all we know is that there’s a fish out there somewhere who loves to be petted. I love knowing that! It makes me smile. And I’m cool with not knowing because just knowing this exists is more than enough for me.

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