Two Hours Installing A Cat Door, And Cat Does THIS

We do anything for our pets. From the moment we adopt them into our families, we strive to do whatever possible to make them as comfortable and happy as they can be. So we buy special food, or even make food from scratch. They get special toys to keep their minds active. Special toys to keep their bodies active. Even pet specific accommodations that allow them to come and go from our houses as they please. We do all this because we love them. But, sometimes our love doesn’t really matter. Not that they don’t appreciate it, but sometimes pets find a way to get exactly what they need without us. Take this cat for instance. After two hours of installing this pet door, the owner coaxes his cat to check it out and, well, take a look…

All I keep thinking is if that silly cat had just done this two hours earlier, they could have both been saved some time and effort.

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