These two little boys are in the same preschool class and decided they wanted to play a prank on their teacher by getting the same haircut. When Jackson came home and told his mom that he wanted to get the same haircut as his friend Reddy, and then told her why, she knew she HAD to post about it on Facebook. See, Jackson is white and Reddy is African. And the two had absolutely no idea why their plan wouldn’t work. Take a look! When mom posted this, she had no idea how viral it would go. These kiddo’s are now being shared around the world, showing how beautiful colorblind can be. Mom, of course, agree to let Jackson get his hair cut, and Reddy was there to support his friend. I’m not sure if the teacher truly was surprised by their prank, but let’s hope she played along…I’d love to keep these two innocent for as long as possible.

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