Brother “Helps Sister Crawl” To Treat, Sort Of…

We want our kids to get along, but we never really know how things are going to go until they’re here and have a chance to actually be around one another. For some kids it starts off good, and then goes south…like the little boy who put postage stamps on his baby sister to mail her to grandma’s house. But for others it is love at first sight and that doesn’t seem to fade with time. I think that’s the case with this boy. When mama tries to teach little sister how to crawl, she sets a treat in front of her and encourages her to scooch on forward. Baby wants nothing of it. She wants the treat and she wants it now. Brother comes to see why his sister is crying and is able to stop her at first, but soon realizes she’s not going to get the treat until he ‘helps’. Take a look!

With a brother as sweet as this, I’m not sure this baby is ever going to learn to crawl, but it’s okay. I’m pretty sure he’d carry her everywhere for the rest of her life if given half the chance. What a sweetie!

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