I was lucky enough to have a big brother who doted on me. He claimed me as his own from the moment I was born, and did not leave my side until he had a baby brother to give that same attention to, three years later. But those first three years, man. He made sure I ate, every picture of me has him in it, too. He helped me crawl, taught me to walk, even changed my diapers until I started ripping them off and running away on my own. True story. I was very lucky. This little girl is, too. And from the smile on her face I think she knows it. Her big brother, who is only three himself, is there by her side when she spits up. And the second he notices it, he jumps into action, ready to clean up his sister. Take a look! I love that dad is right there, but big brother doesn’t need dad to do any of the work. He’s taking care of his baby, and he’s gonna do it on his own. And dad? He’s happy to tell little sister just how lucky she is.

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