Woman Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out, But Keeps Forgetting

There is almost nothing funnier than a person coming out of anesthesia. It seems like every time someone is put under, they come out either a different person, or a very wild version of themselves. I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago and was looking forward to my family getting good video of me, but because my teeth had already grown in, I didn’t even get that. That’s okay, though, because Julie makes up for me and then some. After she gets her wisdom teeth removed, her husband, Cameron, comes in to let her know it’s all done, but she does not believe him. Julie keeps insisting that the surgery hasn’t happened yet, and is even more confused when she sees Cameron again…because she keeps forgetting he’s there. Take a look!

It seems like even after the nurse brings in the teeth for her to see, nothing is going to dissuade Julie from believing that the surgery hasn’t happened yet. She even tells Cameron not to let them charge for the surgery, because it hasn’t happened. So funny.

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