Little Girl Not Sure If Freshly Shaven Dad Is Still Dad, Asks Him To Be Sure

We’ve all seen the videos of dads who shaved off their beards and how their kids freaked out after. And while they’re cute, they’re also just a little bit sad. I mean, that poor kiddo has never seen daddy without a beard, no wonder they don’t understand what’s going on. So when Tyler decided to shave his beard as a birthday present to his wife (who was never a fan of the beard), he decided to have his daughter help. And let’s just say, she’s the cutest helper ever. Take a look!

The best part is, even after the beard is gone, Tyler isn’t done with his surprise. He and the kiddo glue his old beard to a paper and video call mom. At first mom is really confused. The little girl is saying over and over again, “This is my beard.” But, after a few seconds it hits her what daddy did. The kiddo most definitely wants daddy to grow his beard back, but from the look on mom’s face, this change was a long time in coming, and she couldn’t be happier.

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