Nine-week-old Elijah can’t stop smiling after receiving his first pair of hearing aids, and I can’t blame him. Born with only a little natural hearing, this is the first time Elijah was able to hear his mom. The excitement is so much that every time she talks, he blinks. It’s truly beautiful and truly something incredible to have been caught on video. Take a look! Sadly, shortly after this video was taken, Elijah experienced a horrible ear infection that stole the rest of his hearing. The family, mom especially, was devastated with the loss but undeterred in her effort to give Elijah a chance to have a hearing life. Now, at a year and a half old, I’m happy to say Elijah has undergone surgery for cochlear implants and is back on the road to hearing, speaking, and growing up strong. The real hero of this story, though, is mom. She did everything she could to give her child a chance at a hearing life and her efforts have given him a gift many of us take for granted.

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