Something my dad always taught me is you better work hard. Harder than anyone else out there…because there is always someone out there willing and ready to take your place. I don’t think that’s ever been so true as in this video right here. That dog is begging. And that baby is begging. Both want a bite of whatever is on that fork. So mama has a plan. She tries to get the baby to say ‘mama’ before she’ll give him a bite. But, like my dad said, there’s always someone out there willing to take your place if you don’t step up. So when baby doesn’t say it, that pooch knows exactly what it has to do. Take a look!

Apparently that pooch wanted that bite way more than that baby. And if I were mama? That pup would be getting ALL THE BITES. I’ve never seen anything like this before and not only does it blow me away, but it totally makes my day. Thanks, mama…no bite necessary.

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