Bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and it all comes down to you. Everyone who has ever seen any sports movie ever has heard the speech. The athlete looks defeated, exhausted, ready to fall out, but motivation comes in those final moments when they dig deep and pull off something they never knew they could. This big brother knows all about that. As he’s helping little brother get ready to go practice in the backyard, he’s coaching him on what to do. And it is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Take a look!

“Let’s go show ’em what we’re made of!” And little brother hitches up his pants as he walks out the door. I am blown away. This is not only the cutest thing I’ve seen in a really long time, but big brother has some chops! I think no matter what little brother ends up facing in his life, he’s gonna be able to face it head on – especially if he’s got big brother by his side, coaching him the entire way.

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