Cute Little Girl Tells Mom Imaginary Friend Drew All Over Her

Raspberry is a bad influence. When this little girl is caught with marker drawings all over herself, at first she seems more than willing to take the rap. Mama set her down to draw a picture (on paper), and then found her like this. Thing is, she’s not in trouble…not if she tells the truth. So the little girl is more than willing to do just that, but she realizes she has a chance to pin it all on Raspberry, and she jumps at the chance. Take a look!

Thing is, Raspberry is an imaginary friend. So while she might have a lot of influence on how this little girl plays and what she says when she’s alone, there’s a pretty good chance Raspberry didn’t actually draw on her. For one, I don’t think imaginary friends actually have the ability to hold markers. For another, she’s not actually there to defend herself, so it seems rather unfair to blame her for something when she can’t even voice her own defense. I’m not saying the little girl definitively drew on herself, but even if Raspberry truly is the bad influence she’s made out to be, I just don’t think she actually did this.

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