Four-Year-Old Cancer Patient Married Her Favorite Hospital Nurse

I started wishing for my dream wedding as soon as I saw Cinderella for the first time when I was five years old. I’d have blue birds drop petals on the walkway, mice would carry my train, and my own prince charm would stand at the front of the church, waiting for me to reach him. My real wedding didn’t involve mice or birds, but it did have my own prince charming handsome, smiling, and sweating at the front of the church, waiting for me. The little girl in this video has cancer and was lucky enough to meet her own prince charming while in treatment. So what’s a hospital nurse to do when a sweet young girl with big eyes and big dreams asks you to marry her? Say yes, of course. Take a look!

This fairy tale wedding is beautiful, heartwarming, and I’m certain a dream come true for the little girl. She might be fighting for her life, but this little fighter knew true love when she saw it, and created her own little happily ever after.

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