I Had No Idea A Can Of Coke Would Do THAT On The Ocean Floor!

So many people are obsessed with the secrets of outer space, but for me the biggest secrets lie beneath our own waters. Like, we can see the moon. We can see stars and see that things are out there. But no one has ever been to the deepest part of the ocean. Most equipment can’t even go all that deep without being crushed. And while we’re spending all this time obsessing about the other worlds that are out there to explore, there are other worlds right at our fingertips that have never been seen. This video, for instance, showed me something I never knew could happen. They say they’re on the ocean floor, but I don’t know what depth this was taken in, or how far you have to be to make this happen. What I do know is that it’s stinkin’ cool. Take a look!

Tell me you expected that. Now, even though I’m more obsessed with the ocean than I am with space exploration, I have to admit…after seeing this, I’m Really curious to know if the same thing happens at zero gravity. Who knows, maybe space and the ocean have more in common than we think!

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