Funny Baby Says No To Everything But This…

Once babies learn the word ‘no’, it’s all over. I think sometimes they’re just trolling us, though. Like, they know that word, and so they use it, but when they see that it brings about a reaction from us, they use it even more. Babies are just little diaper clad trolls who hide behind dimpled cheeks and big eyes instead of computer monitors. This one, for instance, seems intent on telling his mama ‘no’ to everything. Are you hungry? No. Do you want mac and cheese? Want a bath? Do you love daddy? Are you thirsty? No. Then she asks the question that changes everything. The one thing he’s willing to say ‘yes’ to, and honestly, I can’t blame him. Take a look!

I don’t know where mom’s gonna get it, but I figure if she offers it to him, she should have to pony up. Then again, considering all the money it takes just keeping those tiny little cutie patooties alive, I’m guessing she’ll more than pay her fair share before he ever hits eighteen. Still, good job on answering that one right, kid.

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