Two-Year-Old Calls 911 Because She Needs Help Putting Her Pants On

When my kids were little I drilled 911 into them. They knew if ever there was an emergency, that’s who they needed to call. The knew my phone number, our address, they knew exactly what to do. The same was done to me when I was a little girl. This little girl, though, had a different understanding of 911. While her mama did her best to make sure she knew to call if there was an emergency, to this little two-year-old, emergency meant help. And help is help. So while her mama was unaware of what was going on, this sneaky tiny toddler dialed 911 for the cutest reason possible. And the officer who showed up? Could have had a better response. Take a look!

How cute is she? How cute are they? I think this officer secretly loved getting this call and will probably make a lot of house calls for life for this little girl. And mama? Seems like she might need to explain the difference between ‘help’ and ’emergency’, but other than that is probably very grateful that the lesson sunk in.

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