Six-Year-Old Shaves Off Eyebrow, Immediately Regrets It

We’ve all had a ‘whoops’ moment at some point during our beauty lives. Maybe it was applying too much make-up. Or maybe getting bangs when we know full well we look awful in bangs. Maybe it was that time you bought into some fashion craze that made you look more like a hobo than a runway model. We’ve all done it. It’s inevitable, especially when we’re younger, that mistakes will be made. For this little girl, the mistake was getting into her moms razor and not really understanding what it was used for. When she decided to do a beauty tutorial on her own, she ran the razor over her face (thankfully not cutting herself), and then over her eyebrows. The first eyebrow made it through unscathed, but when the second one came into contact with the razor? Yeah, there’s no coming back from that. Take a look!

The good news is eyebrows come back. And anyone who lived through the early 2000’s accidentally over-plucked at some point, so we can all definitely identify with this kiddo. I just couldn’t stop laughing at the look on her face as she realized she needed to go tell her mama what she’d just done.

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