Apparently, during a recent trip to the store someone made the mistake of telling this little girl she was cute. Like many precocious toddlers, this child has a very determined idea of what she is: and it’s not cute. She’s a big girl. She uses the potty. She even gets her own milk out of the fridge. Do cute girls do that? I think not. The funniest part is whoever recorded her talking about what happened managed to cut it together into the absolute cutest, er, most ‘big girl’ ranty rant you’ve ever heard. Sass, attitude, and all. Take a look! My favorite part is that she took the other girl’s Cheerios. I don’t know why that made me giggle so hard, but I could not stop laughing once she said she took them. And then she starts eating them? I died. What a funny kid. Let’s hope she never realizes just how cute she really is, or we’ll all be doomed!

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