When our kids are born we want them to be the best version of us. We want them to carry the things we love most about ourselves while developing their own sense of self and purpose. But most of the time we don’t notice our kids taking after us until they’re older. Until the’ve gotten a few miles on them. For this mama, the wait didn’t take long at all. While she was doing yoga, working on taking off the baby weight, her tiny infant started mimicking her poses. Planking, specifically. So what started as exercise for mom soon became a bonding experience for mom and baby. Take a look! My kids have a lot of me in them, but I can promise you they were not planking with me at six-months old. In fact, I don’t know if there is another baby out there who is able to hold yoga poses at such a young age. This is truly adorable and of all the things this baby could have gotten from its mama, a love of fitness is definitely a good one.

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