Anyone who has pets know they all have very different personalities. And that’s part of what’s so fun about them. When we first adopt our animals, there is no way to know who we’re really adopting. As we all setting in as a family, pretty soon certain quirks come out of our pets and before we know it each and every one of them is unique and wholly different from the others. It’s amazing. And hilarious. And sometimes those quirks are so funny that we have to share them with the world. Like in the case of this cat. This kitty is so excited about breakfast that it starts making noises the second the food is set down. Not just any noises though, it sounds like this kitty is Truly enjoying their meal. Take a look!

I’ve had cats that chirped at the window when they saw birds, cats who made little clicking noises when they got excited about things, but I’ve never had a cat who was so excited about food that they started saying, “Num, num, num” the second it was put down. What a funny, funny animal!

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