Little Girl Overwhelmed After Being Surprised With New Kitten

Our first pet is unforgettable. Especially if we’ve been waiting and wanting that pet for a while. Mine was a hamster, Skippy. He was white and tan, beautiful black eyes, twitchy little whiskers, and hardly ever bit me. I was seven or eight and wanted Skippy to be the happiest hamster on earth. I’d let him run around in his ball, all over the house. Made sure he had plenty of food and clean water all the time, and he had more tubes than any three hamsters actually needed. He was a great little guy. I don’t know this girl, but I know how she felt when she saw that kitten she’d been waiting for. Take a look!

That excitement, that shivering burst of emotion, that’s exactly how I felt when I got Skippy. This kiddo is going to be a great kitty mommy and even if the kitty doesn’t know it now, it’s going to have an incredible life. That little girl is going to make sure of it. And though he’s no Skippy, he is a truly cute little guy. Congratulations to both of you!

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