This Man Adopted A Senior Dog, And The Women Of The Internet Went Wild!

When Matt adopted this sweet dog, Donuts, he was just excited to get a new best friend. Donuts is a senior dog who was diagnosed with cancer while waiting for adoption, but Matt knew the instant he saw Donuts that this is who he’d been looking for. As the two settled into their new home life together, something unexpected happened: women from all over the world found out about the adoption and fell in love – with Matt. After the adoption center posted his story to their social media pages, Matt’s social media started blowing up. “Can we adopt Matt?” “You are my soulmate!” “Marry Me!” Things got so out of control that Matt had to disable the comments on his Instagram account to keep his mom from seeing anything inappropriate. Take a look!

Seeing the pictures of Matt and Donuts online I can definitely see what all the hubbub was about. They are adorable together. They take walks, relax on the couch, they’ve truly become besties. The best news, though, is that Donuts has now had surgery to have his tumor removed and is expecting a full recovery. Thanks for being such a good guy, Matt! Hope you and Donuts enjoy your time together!

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