Pug Can’t Keep His Eyes Open Once This Cat Starts Licking Him

We all have something that knocks us out. For my husband it’s the dulcet tones of The Tonight Show. For me, it’s a relaxing bath and a little 80’s soft rock. My son has always loved having his back rubbed. It knocks him out every time. Even when he was a little baby. When he was about three months old and struggling with colic I’d hold him on my shoulder, rub his little back and BOOM, out he went. What I never thought about doing was licking his forehead. For this pug, though, that seems to be exactly what he needs. Take a look!

As silly as it sounds, the entire time I watched this beyond all the ‘awws’ all I could think about was how very cute and cozy the look. I mean, they’re holding paws. Holding. Paws. And that kitty obviously loves that pup. I don’t know if they grew up together, or if the puppy is new and the cat just took a big liking to him, but I think this is the start of a lifelong friendship. And a very clean forehead.

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