This Corgi Uses The Carousel Like His Very Own Treadmill

When you have an energetic dog it’s sometimes hard to find enough ways to burn that energy off. Walking, sure, but that’s not always enough. My youngest dog has so much energy that sometimes he runs back and forth in the house just to get rid of bursts of it. He’s a lot like my kids in that respect. But it’s okay. We play with him constantly, take him to the dog park, walk him several times a day. It just never seems to be enough. Had I seen this video sooner I might have had a better idea of what to do with him! In fact, now that I’ve seen this, I have to see if there’s a carousel like this somewhere in our neighborhood, because this is brilliant and hilarious! Take a look!

It isn’t just that the puppy is running off his energy, he seems so happy doing it. Like, he genuinely wants to run. And anyone with active dogs know when they want to run, they want to run. This guy looks so happy and it’s hard not to smile watching him run around on his very own version of a treadmill like that. Super cute!

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