Do Cranberries Actually Cure UTI’s?

When I was pregnant with my first born I got a LOT of UTI’s. I don’t know what it was. Maybe the changes in my body, maybe something in my diet, or all those extra vitamins I took every day, who knows. All I know is it was probably the most uncomfortable time in my life and I dreaded every single time I felt like I had to pee. And since I was pregnant, it was literally all the time. My mom told me to drink cranberry juice and that it would help and I was willing to do anything, so I did. Voila! It actually worked. With my second pregnancy I didn’t have the same issue, but ever since then I’ve always drank cranberry juice anytime I felt a UTI coming on. But I always wondered…does it actually work? Take a look!

The truth is, it worked for me. I don’t know if it was the actual juice, or just drinking more fluids, or progressing in my pregnancy but it worked. And I don’t care why. Yes, I love to know things, but all that mattered is that for me, at least, it really worked.

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