Kids Instruct Dad On How To Make A PB&J, And It Does Not Go Well…

I never thought about how hard it would be to teach someone how to do something from scratch until I saw this video. As a parent we try to find new and fun ways to teach our kids every day, but most of us don’t think about the ‘from scratch’ aspect, mostly because they start learning from the moment they’re born. So if we try to teach them a simple task, maybe they’ve already watched us or maybe they’ve seen portions of how to do it – like walking – and the actual instructions don’t ever really come into play. Well, this dad wanted to show his kids how hard it is to learn something from scratch, so he tasked them with teaching him how to make a pb&j…exactly how to make a pb&j. Take a look!

What I love about this is how much the kids got out of it. They might not realize they got much out of it, but they learned how to be clear, precise, exact, how to give instructions in a way everyone can understand. Sure, they got frustrated along the way, but they also kept trying. And when they finally made it? So much excitement! This is definitely something I’d love to try with my own kids…but maybe we’ll use plates.

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