People who have dogs and cats expect the unexpected all the time. I mean, there’s no telling what those zany little fur balls are going to do next. Especially when we’ve trained them to do something…or, more likely, tried to train them. It never occurred to me that reptile owners would go through the same thing. Take this little guy for instance. When his owner waves at him, after a couple of tries he waves back! I’ve never seen a lizard do that before! Take a look!

Some are saying it’s just a reflex and that the lizard isn’t actually waving, to which I say ‘balderdash’. He IS waving. Does he know why? Maybe not. Does he know what we’re all seeing it as? Probably not. Is it just the cutest thing you’ve seen all week? Absolutely. Keep on wavin’, little guy! Who knows, maybe his owner can teach him to shake next. Now THAT would be a cool trick!

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