If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, you know that the mascots are the best part. Sure, there’s the actual game and they’re great, but you could spend the whole time watching just the mascots doing mascoty things and be just as entertained. Take Mackerel Jordan, for instance. Mackerel Jordan is the mascot for the Islanders and he’s a bit of a hungry ham. What I mean by that is he wants to be the center of attention, and if anyone stands in his way, he eats them. During one of the games, Mackerel Jordan wanted a grounds worker to throw a ball for him. At first the guy does it, but soon tires of the game, so he fakes it. When MJ realizes he’s been duped, he eats the guy. But it doesn’t end there! Take a look! This isn’t the only time MJ has eaten people who have gotten in his way or upset him somehow. The good news is these people all get ‘returned’ fairly unharmed. And I guess the big takeaway is that this guy, at least, should have just thrown the ball.

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