When we see tiny animals, something comes out in us. We just want to hold them. Protect them. Love on them. So it’s no wonder Meyci, the tiny toy terrier, has become such a huge hit. At a little less than half a pound, Meyci is about the same weight as a hamster, and no bigger than a soda can. When she was first born, she was sixteen times smaller than her biggest sibling. In fact, Meyci was so tiny that her owner thought she was a piece of placenta and almost threw her into the trash. Luckily, she moved and lived. Take a look! I’ve never seen a dog this small before in my life. In this video she’s still only three months old, but barring a humongous growth spurt, Meyci is definitely in the running to be recorded as the smallest dog alive. And me? If she were mine I’d bring her everywhere. I don’t think I could leave this cutie at home, pretty much ever. And she’d definitely have a life full of big, huge, happy smiles and love.

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