It’s Impossible Not To Smile At This Guy Dancing!

I’m all for anything that will brighten my day. As a “Non-Morning Person” I tend to wake up a bit grumpy and slowly wake up as the day progresses. Which, for my family’s sake, isn’t always a good thing. Sure, sure, coffee sometimes helps, but if my kids need a little extra boost to get their tushes in gear for school, having a mom who isn’t a morning person isn’t always the best thing. Knowing this about myself is a good thing. It means I can plan ahead and try to find ways to make my mornings brighter so that my happy family has a happy mommy. This is one of those things. This video never fails to make me smile. Like, half the time this guy’s legs look like they’re paper thin. It blows my mind. Take a look!

Between the chipper beat and the genuinely happy moves, this is definitely one of those things that’ll always put a smile on my face. Well, this and coffee. Can’t forget the coffee.

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