This Man Is About To Go On The Best First Date Of His Life…

I love the idea of ‘daddy’s little girl’. Watching my daughter with my husband is possibly the sweetest thing in the world. She truly has him wrapped around her finger, but at the same time he stays level headed and helps her find solutions rather than just give in to anything she wants. It’s truly beautiful to watch and it started so early for them. From the moment we found out it was a girl, he started planning what he wanted to do with her. Daddy/Daughter dates were a big part of that. The first one was when she was four and they went together to get froyo and just hang out. He pulls out the chair for her. He opens the car door for her. He’s teaching her what to expect from her future loves and I love him all the more for it. This man reminds me of that and it is a beautiful thing. Take a look!

I know not everyone is into the daddy/daughter date thing, but I see my daughter growing into this strong, confident young person and I know that the time her daddy spends with her is a big part of that. Every child deserves to know they are the light that shines in someone’s eye.

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