Maid Of Honor Blows Everyone Away With Her Hilarious Toast!

I’m going to be honest with you…I’ve gotten a bit bored with wedding videos. They’re all so over-the-top original and amazing that they’ve become NOT original or amazing. And that might just be me. It’s not that their love isn’t amazing, but the huge productions seem like so much pressure. It’s like everyone needs a huge dance number, and a Hollywood choreographer, and if there isn’t a professional videographer there to catch all the action, did it really happen? That’s why I love this. It’s still a bit over the top, but it’s hilarious, and way unexpected, and definitely brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Take a look!

The entire room went nuts for this, and I can see why. I mean, like I said I’m a bit over wedding videos. This was so unique and so hilarious though that there’s no way not to love it. Congratulations to the happy couple and Cheers!

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