This Pit-Bull Is NOT A Fan Of Broccoli!

It’s easy to think dogs will eat anything. I mean, they’re dogs. They pretty much do. If I slathered enough peanut butter on a doorknob I’m pretty sure my dogs would eat it. Surprisingly, though, some dogs really do have their limits. One of mine absolutely hates apples. Will not eat them. He still wants to be offered, mind you, but he’ll just take it into another room and spit it out and then come back for more. He’s polite like that. For this dog, it’s broccoli. He HATES it. His owner tries to trick him into eating some broccoli, but this smarty pants absolutely knows the difference between delicious treats and broccoli. Take a look!

I guess when it comes down to it, it might not be so bad that this pooch doesn’t like broccoli. Probably too much to ask that he doesn’t like other human foods, but at least this is a start. I wonder if you can get a dog to dislike cheeseburgers that sit unattended on a counter while you run to the bathroom? Anyone? Anyone??

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